DataLogger for Microclimate Analysis WBGT Index -PMV-PPD

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HD32.3A:Thermal microclimate to measure the WBGT Index, PMV Index (Predicted Mean Vote) and PPD (Predicted Percentage of Dissatisfied). 3 inputs for probes with SICRAM module, graphic display. The kit is composed of instrument, four AA 1.5 V batteries, instruction manual, software DeltaLog 10 for WBGT, PMV and PPD index analysis. The probes and cables have to be ordered separately. >The DeltaLog10 for the analysis of the WBGT, PMV, PPD is supplied by default with the HD32.3. >The probes for the HD32.3A are already supplied with the cable. >The larger standard tripod is included with the HD32.3A The probes necessary for WBGT measurement are the following: •Dry bulb temperature probes TP3207. •Globe temperature probe TP3275. •Natural ventilation wet bulb temperature probe HP3201. The probes necessary for PMV and PPD measurement are the following: •Relative humidity and temperature combined probe HP3217R. •Omnidirectional hotwire probe AP3203. •Globe temperature probe TP3275. The HD32.3A is shipped inside a larger case than the one for the HD32.3, this is due to the bigger globe-thermometer (diam. 150mm, instead of 50mm).. The tripod is supplied separately, not included in the case. It's in a bag together with its belt and shoulder strap.