Digital Display Abbe Refractometer

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Abbe digital display Refractometer model 1310 DR-A1 This unit can show a measurement temperature range of 5.0 to 50.0dgree C (at unit of 0.1degree C). The digital display has three different scale display options- Refractive Index(nD), Brix(%), and temperature(degree C). >Refractive Index (nD): 1.3000-1.7100, +-0.0002 (min indication is 0.0001) >Brix (%):0.0 -95.0%,+- 0.1% (min indication 0.1%) >Brix ATC-automatic temperature compensation Operator only needs to set the boundary line of refraction at the cross hairs, the DR-A1 digital refractometer directly indicates a measurement value (refractive index or brix) on the digital display along with the temperature. Includes: AC adapter and cable, test piece-solid sample and contact liquid/4mL, allen wrench,lighting adapter for solid samples, 10 tube bands and owner's manual.