DA-130N Portable Density/Specific Gravity Meter

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KEM MODEL: DA-130N Portable Density/Specific Gravity Meter
MODEL: DA-130N Portable Density/Specific Gravity Meter
MEASURING METHOD: Resonant frequency oscillation
WHAT TO MEASURE: Liquid samples
MEASURING RANGE: 0.0000 to 2.0000g/cm3
ACCURACY: ±0.001g/cm3
RESOLUTION: 0.0001g/cm3
TEMPERATURE RANGE: 0 to 40.0° C (32 to 104° F)
BACKLIT DISPLAY: Density, temp-compensated density, SG, temp-compensated
SG, Brix%, Alcohol wt%, Alcohol vol%, %H2SO4, API degree,
Baume degree, Plato degree, Proof degree, Temperature in
° C/° F, Sample No., Stability, Data storage, Data output, Data
deletion, Battery level, etc.
TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION: Up to 10 coefficients for temperature compensation can be entered.
MATERIALS IN CONTACT WITH SAMPLE: PTEE, borosilicate glass, polypropylene (PP), Fluoro Rubber *May not be resistant to every sample and cleaning solution.
AUTO-CALIBRATION: Density of water at each temperature, required for calibration of measuring cell, is pre-installed.
SAMPLING BY: Syringe-type hand pump
DATA STORAGE: Up to 1,100 samples
EXTERNAL OUTPUT: Infrared communications port (conforming to IrDA Ver. 1.2) Conversion to RS-232C output (Optional parts required)
POWER SUPPLY: Alkaline battery LR03 (AAA) 1.5V 2pcs
BATTERY LIFE: Approx. 90 hours
WEIGHT: Approx. 360g (0.794 lbs)


Density measurement of crude oil, fuel oil and lubricant oil.
●Oscillation method is specified in ASTM D 7777.
●Density or Brix measurement of various beverages such as milk, soft drink, fruit drink, etc.
●Measurement of alcohol or extract concentration of beer, whisky, wine, shochu(Japanese distilled alcohol), Japanese sake(fermented alcohol), etc.
●Measurement of Brix or constituent concentration of food materials for quality control purposes.
●Density or SG measurement of oils and fats such as vegetable oil, animal fat and oil, etc.
●Conforming to Japanese Pharmacopoeia.
●Concentration check of etching solution or acid pickling solution for electronic parts.
●Concentration check of flux or plating solution.

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