Hydranal Comp 5K, 2.5 Liter bottle
CC34816-2.5L; A reagent for Volumetric Karl Fischer titrators. Hydranal Comp. 5K is designed to work with samples containing ketones & aldehydes.. (1 mL=appox. 5.0 mg H20)
362.58 362.58 USD
High Heat Flow/Embedding Type Sensor T750-B
KT750-B: High Heat Flow/Embedding Type:
The T750 type sensor was developed for embedding in furnace walls or insultating materials to measure heat flowing from them. As it's excellent thermal resistance enables it to be continuously used on parts having temperatures as high as 750 degree C, the sensor is highly suited to measuring heat flow from electric furnace walls.

-580 ~ 58,000 W/m squared
-200 ~ 750 degree C

2,283.00 2283.0 USD
EBU-710-10B Burette Unit (10mL)
EBU-710-10B Burette Unit (10mL) for AT-710
875.00 875.0 USD
EBU-710-KF Burette Unit
Swappable KF burette (10mL) Unit for volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator MKV-710
1,495.00 1495.0 USD
Water activity meter /LabStart-aw
Portable low cost precision instrument for water activity measurement (aW) in foodstuff and powder products.
This compact low cost water activity measurement device is intended for a mobile measurement directly at-line and has been developed for standard applications and for users, who want to start with the water activity measurement. The LabStart-aw is delivered including all necessary accessories.

-Measurement range aw : 0.20 ... 0.80aw
-Measurement range temp. : 15 ... 30°C (Sample +/-5°C over ambient)
-Sensor : with resistive-electrolytic measurement cell CM-4
-Instrument accuracy : +/- 0.03 aw +/- 0.3K

LabStart-aw set consisting of :
 Measurement device LabStart-aw
 External universal power supply
 1 SAL-T: 75% RH
 25 sample dishes ePW
 Spare pre-filters white (5 pcs)
 Tension ring
 Factory certificate of 2-point calibration 33% and 75% RH
Weight : 1.500 kgs
Dimensions: 85x140x225mm (HxWxL)
3,050.00 3050.0 USD
Water activity meter /LabSwift-aw (w/battery)
The built in Lithium-Ions rechargeable battery allows mobile measurements. The set is delivered with a plastic carrying case including accessories. A SD-card interface enables the transfer of all measurement data to a PC or printer.

-Measurement range aw : 0.11 ... 0.90aw, (non condensing)
-Measurement range temp. : 5 ... 45°C
-Sensor : with resistive-electrolytic measurement cell CM-2
-Instrument accuracy : +/- 0.01 aw, +/- 0.15K
-Communication : SD card -> PC

LabSwift-aw set consisting of :
 Measurement device LabSwift-aw
 External universal power supply
 Battery incl. electronics (built in)
 SD card
 3 SAL-T: 11, 58, 84% RH
 40 sample dishes ePW
 Spare pre-filters white (5 pcs)
 Tension ring
 Operating instructions
 Factory certificate of 6-point calibration, 11-33-58-75-84-90%
Weight : 3.100 kgs

4,800.00 4800.0 USD
Water activity meter /LabTouch-aw (basic)
Laboratory instrument WITH TOUCH-SCREEN for water activity measurement in foodstuff, drugs and cosmetic products.

-Measurement range aw : 0.06 ... 0.97aw, (non condensing)
-Measurement range temp. : 5 ... 45°C
-Sensor : with resistive-electrolytic measurement cell CM-2
-Instrument accuracy : +/- 0.005 aw, +/- 0.15K
-Communication : RS-232, USB 2x RS-485 for add. chambers SD card -> PC (NovaLog MC)

LabTouch-aw includes:
Dimensions : 200 x 300x 95 mm
Weight : 2.800 kg
 Measurement device LabTouch
 External universal power supply
 SD card 2GB Memory
 4 SAL-T: 33, 58, 75, 84% RH
 40 sample dishes ePW
 Spare pre-filters white (5 pcs)
 Tension ring
 Operating instructions
 Factory certificate of 7-point calibration, 11-33-58-75-84-90-97%
7,950.00 7950.0 USD
Magnetic Stirrer for AT-610 (preamp sold separately)
K120010401Magnetic Stirrer W/OUT Preamplifier
772.00 772.0 USD
Electrode Auto Cleaning Bath Unit (for 11 samples)
K120426701; This automatic shower is an additional accessory that can be used to improve the traditional dip rinse used to clean the electrode between samples. This shower is for aqueous samples only. There is an additional shower configuration for non-aqueous samples.

Electrode Auto-Cleaning Bath Assy. for 11-place unit
consists of:
1 ea Cleaning Bath with tubing and clamp
1 ea Pump Unit
1 ea Cleaning Solution Tube
1 ea TPO tube + PTFE tube 1.5m
1 ea Overflow tube
1 ea 12-04408 10L Polyethylene Container
4 ea Hose Clamp
1 ea Clip
1,994.00 1994.0 USD
DA-100 Density/Specific Gravity Meter
KEM MODEL: DA-100 density/specific gravity meter
The built-in thermostatic control makes measurement stable in resulting values.
Thus, human error is eliminated in addition to easy operation and high precision.

>Measurement in a short period of time
>With built-in thermal control
>High precision thermal sensor is installed in measuring cell
>Concentration can be obtained by conversion.

Range: 0 - 3 g/cm3
Accuracy: ±0.001 g/cm3
Temperature: 15 - 40°C, 59 -°F
Display: 16 X 2 LCD with back light
Contents of display: Density, relative gravity, measurement temperature
Interface: RS232C single channel
8,600.00 8600.0 USD
Electrode Cable (BNC,90cm)
Electrode Cable (BNC,90cm)
52.85 52.85 USD
EBU-710-05B Burette Unit (5mL)
Swappable 5mL burette Unit for automatic AT-710 Titrator
1,600.00 1600.0 USD
Hydranal Water Standard 1.00 (6 boxes with 10x4mL) 240mL
A water standard for Coulometric Karl Fischer titratiors (1,000PPM). A certified standard containing 1.00mg of H2O per g (1g = 1.0ml). A manufacturer's test certificate with exact specifications is included. 40ml is packaged as 10x4ml ampules. Case of 6x40mL.
679.00 679.0 USD
Small Cap
Small Cap for the Aquapal III
15.00 15.0 USD
Wilhelmy Plate
-Material: Platinum/Rhodium alloy
-Width: 23.85mm ± 0.05mm
-Thickness: 0.15mm ± 0.02mm
-Height: about 10mm (plate section) / about 52mm (from plate bottom to hook)
-Weight: about 900mg
735.00 735.0 USD
K500B-20 Surface type high heat flow sensor
K120192401; K500B-20 Surface type high heat flow sensor
2,065.00 2065.0 USD
KY775 DYseries DuNouy Ring
DuNouy Ring for DY series tensiometers (DY300,DY500,DY700)
650.00 650.0 USD
Fisher No. 14-812-5 DuNouy Ring
Fisher No. 14-812-5 DuNouy Ring; Tensiomat20, Tensiomat21etc
740.00 740.0 USD
CSC Precision Tensiometer DuNouy Platinum Ring
70537000; CSC DuNouy Precision Tensiometer Platinum Ring
720.00 720.0 USD
Kruss DuNouy Platinum Ring
Kruss DuNouy Platinum Ring
750.00 750.0 USD